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Dr. Del Sorbo Antonio PhD
dermatologist in Salerno - ITALY

PASI score (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index) was introduced in 1978 by swedish doctors Fredriksson and Pettersson and is used in dermatology to monitoring the progress of psoriasis over time and the effectiveness of treatments. The insertion of parameters concerning the expansion and severity of the psoriatic patches provides a PASI score ranging from 0 (absence of psoriasis) and 72 (severe psoriasis).

The PASI score is used in experimental dermatology for evaluate the efficacy and safety of drugs used for the treatment of psoriasis. The PASI score (or PASI index) is rarely used in clinical practice, where anamnesis and physical examination, evaluation methods are irreplaceable. Another widely used tool in dermatology is the DLQI (Dermatology Life Quality Index) a questionnaire of 10 questions used to measure illness experience in psoriatic patients (life quality). DLQI is correlated to the extension of the affected BSA (Body Surface Area).